Laugh Track (2023, 4AD) / The National





1. Alphabet City (music: B. Dessner)

2. Deep End (Paul’s in Pieces) (music: A. Dessner)

3. Weird Goodbyes (music: A. Dessner)

4. Turn Off the House (music: B. Dessner)

5. Dreaming (music: A. Dessner)

6. Laugh Track (music: A. Dessner)

7. Space Invader (music: A. Dessner, B. Dessner)

8. Hornets (music: A. Dessner)

9. Coat on a Hook (music: A. Dessner)

10. Tour Manager (Lyrics: Berninger and Besser, music: B. Dessner)

11. Crumble (music: A. Dessner)

12. Smoke Detector (music: A. Dessner, B. Dessner)


1. Weird Goodbyes (2022/8/22)

2. Alphabet City / Space Invader (2023/8/17)